Mask of Emotions (Disguises)

from by Jet 2



[Chorus 1]
They say nothing last forever
Especially me and you
I thought we were in it forever
But no, no not you
'Cause you lied to me about your love
About your love
You lied to me about your life
About your life
It's just a mask of emotion

[Verse 1]
From the moment you say that you love me
Your tears cried, for years I read right through your disguise
I can't lie and say that it don't hurt
We supposed to been split up, but we fought to make it work
I should've been getting at women
I toured with Akon
You were probably getting at men at the same time
While your homie asked you for sex between you and her husband
Knowing that you're involved in relationship
I find it hard just to paint the pic
How you all of a sudden can just change a bit
Guess the mask of emotions got a range of
Different type of things you can fake when you make it fit
Big and bad, oh you are, yeah you knew what you were doing
Take a different mask when you make it slip
Past your intention like "he ain't gon' trip"
What's dark comes to light, you can bank on it

[Chorus 2]
They say nothing last forever
Especially you and me
I knew we weren't in it forever, no
With all that pain, how could we be
We lied, it was all a disguise, disguise
We tried beneath all of those lies
Those lies
It's just a mask of emotion


from Lie out Loud, released July 13, 2016
Written by J. Ihejeto. Produced by Jet 2. Recorded and mixed by Jet 2 at the Airport Studios in Los Angeles, CA.



all rights reserved


Jet 2 Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless
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