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released December 31, 2012



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Jet 2 Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless
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Track Name: Think Like A Man
[Verse 1]
Girl I seen you on a Monday...
You made it feel like a Friday...
You turned my day into a sun day...
With the smile on your face
I said "girl where you walkin' to?"
Can I have your number and I'll give you a call or two
I'm a recording artist, I'll probably make a song for you
Girl you're looking like love, I'm wondering can I fall in you

'Cause that ass so fat (2x)
Yeah, that ass so fat
'Cause that ass so fat (2x)
Can I hit it from the back? (Hit it from the back girl)
Can I get to know you?
Can I hit it from the back?
Just so I can show you

[Verse 2]
No games, I'm tryin' to make you kiss me,
Classic Cold Flamez, right before you miss me
Old Drake, you can thank me later...
You can test on the D with your A cups
And your B butt,
But you get a grade A when we make love
Is it breakfast in the morning when you wake up?
Can't tell, if you're thinking like a man,
Then damn I did well
That shit fire, and you're hot as hell
Let me clean it out, I'll wash it well
Since we're there, let's start it here
And baby girl, I won't stop until...
Stop until the hardwood's wet,
Going for the piece that the pot conceals
Pick it up and let it drop a little
Like the Pyramids cover, that's not a hill
Woo! Searching for respect? Then expect just a little bit
More than a lot of it
When it comes to body modeling,
Girl you got a doctorates
So let the world be your audience
Carefree, I want all of it
Looking forever twenty-one like the mall and shit
Aw shit, hope the bra-fit,
Profit off it. Your outfit? Awesome
Your outlook? bossy
Woo... You got me singing to the angels girl
I'm just a villain livin' in your world

'Cause I'm tryin' to steal your heart with rhymes
Baby I know that you are all on my mind
As you see, you and me is all I need,
But baby you wanna go...
Baby do you wanna go with me?

'Cause that ass so fat (2x)
Can I hit it from the back girl
'Cause that ass so fat,
Yeah that ass so fat
Can I hit it from the back girl?
Let me hit it from the back...
Said let me hit it from the back
Let me get it from the back
Let me hit it from the back,
Let me hit it from the back girl