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I am Jet 2. A Nigerian hip-hop artist born and raised in Los Angeles. I started being inspired to gravitate toward music since I was a young child. My father is Jerri Jheto, and he is a legendary musician. As I grew up watching him and their band rehearse, I was always inclined to learn the drums. Through watching, I was able to pick it up and begin playing, so I taught myself. Over time, I realized that poetry was the best way for me to express myself. Therefore, I picked up rap. Rhythm And Poetry.

As for you, I truly appreciate you as a supporter, because I would be no where without you; just making noise that makes no sound. When you subscribe, you'll receive a personal connection with me; it will be like you're sitting right in the studio with me during the recording process. I will send you tracks that I am working on, even some that are in its beginning stages so you get to listen to the process before it becomes its mastered product. I know it will be a very fun and joyful experience to share with you. Because you are helping me, you can always contact me whenever you want with any questions, comments, concerns, and I will joyfully answer them and respond! I truly appreciate you.

Once again, this is all possible through your help and belief in my vision. If you've checked out any of my music, you know I am very conceptualized and vision oriented. I love making music that has a meaning and purpose which conveys a larger message. It is pure fun to sit back and share music with you and those lyrics and melodies hit and you get that WOW!! YES!! Feeling. It's the greatest part. Thank you once again for sharing this journey with me, and I truly appreciate you.


Jonathan "Jet 2" Ihejeto

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Jet 2
Los Angeles, California
From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless

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