Nightmares Come True

from by Jet 2



[Verse 1]
First, let me start by saying I’m amazing
‘Cause I made it from the bottom of the basement, no abrasion
With the patience of a winner, I’ll be ripping through your chains
Make change for a nigga, take a nigga out the bang
Make a vein for a nigga, I’ll be dripping out the pain
Think I might’ve gone insane
But they like “that Jet’s gorgeous”
Dealing with a poor case that I didn’t start
‘Cause my ex too slick, trying to ride two sticks
Now I’m stuck in court
Bitch better have my money like Rihanna
‘Cause I promise I’ll be coming for the drama
Ain’t a threat, no this a promise
I want every single comma, I’m a scholar
Went to school for pharmacy, I could’ve been doctor
But instead, I’m a rasta, dreadlocks
A stand up guy, boy you better fix your posture
Toss you in the pasta, trying to act cool
When you couldn’t win an Oscar

I’m dreaming for a trillion
But I know that nightmares come true too
So you know what I’mma do to you
For the loot
I’m dreaming for a trillion

[Verse 2]
Martin Luther, Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandela
Thinking peace, power, respect, dignity forever
Feeling like the Bob Marley of our generation
I’m a legend forever or for whatever duration
It’s a celebration when I’m on the mic
Like RockstarTuNE when he on the bike
Bet I’m on a roll when I handle bars
Don’t make me have to open up a can on y’all
I mean, if it’s a Grammy, double whammy
From the Jungles all the way to the Inglewood Family
Crips and the Essés
All the uglies and the baddies call me baby like they had me
Trying to heal me with the green, Piccolo and Dendé
I ain’t talk Louisiana when I throw up L.A.
Feeling like I own a medley
Feeling like I own a med-shop
I don’t even smoke that tree
I don’t even smoke that whew
But my homies tell you where the dope at
Get it off the block in the cul-de-sac
Buy a dime bag, get a quarter-back
But I ain’t promoting that
I’m just trying to live good, show you I’m a beast too
I’m just trying to rip the beat, and I made the beat too
Hi, the name is Jet 2 and it’s nice to meet you
If you on the bull, I can see it ‘cause you’re see through
If it’s like groceries, I ain’t gon’ eat you
Even if you’re Jhené Aiko
Girl, that’s a treat, make it seem like I need to
Matter of fact, instead, I’mma feed you


[Verse 3]
Whatever number you’re on
This is never what you want
Get ‘em and double the code
Sentences covered in gold
All you gotta do is tell me go, and then I’mma G-O
Yeah, sort of like De Janeiro, I’m Rio
Word to the brothers checking with their P.O.
I be making music you can feel
Give it all for free though
Till it lays chips like Fritos
So sick of love songs feeling like Ne-Yo
Dressed in my John Lennon, looking like the Beetles
Game make her say Aye like Davido
Girl, that is not yo’ cheese, that Dorito
Me, Pac before the shots, Queen Latifa
Or Vivica, I set it off
They give me heat, I sweat it off
No sweat at all, I just jet off
Bet I’mma make it if I bet y’all
I drive slow
Success at the door with a Corvette though
I like those
Success, Grammy award winner in every post
Rip every track, I’m Marion Jones
I never relax, I’d rather be on
I’d rather be gone
And y’all don’t even be noticing the way I be flowing
I’m on it



from Lie out Loud, released July 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Jet 2 Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless
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