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Called it love, thought it was
Started off happy like all the time
Ended up no where, no where, no where

[Verse 1]
Pack a bag, only one
Hurry up, we on the run
Romeo and Juliet, that's the story of our love
Never thought that I would hit
'Til it switched and I swung
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings and she sung
Songs that'll make a song cry
Right when you look and realize that you are alright
And thank God for LuMo and V.C., and TC
For saving me when I was homeless out in TC

Just an illusion
So you know I don't care what you do or say
Just an illusion, but guess what I forgive you

[Verse 2]
I've been fighting all this time and
I didn't know
You've been hiding everything that you do
It's okay, alright, I'mma get out the system
Get this shit out my system, oh


[Verse 3]
ILLucson, illusion
This love was like a mirage in the desert of Tucson
Conclusion, to clear the air for confusion
I turned this hallucination to my solution
We even had to spend nights by the poolside
Freezing to death, it almost felt like a suicide
Wanting to tap out, but did not put you aside
Even attended Tucson College for you and I
And almost got robbed on Crenshaw and 54th
With a guy that was holding his piece
I told you the place to make debates was not all in these streets
Thank God he decided to walk away with all of his peeps
And I was thinking to myself what I would do
I had about a G in my pocket too
And I was not gonna give it up
Not when the rent is due
Not when it's me and you and I'm taking care of you


[Verse 4]
All the sacrifices, I let you drive with no license
Gave you the keys to the whip and figured out you was lying
Felt so responsible when you told me you got pulled over
It's like you devised a plan just to attack all of my vices
Knowingly things change when you got personal devices
Seems like the good times got shadowed over by the fighting
Feels like you were looking for something that I wasn't providing
But after reflecting, I decided you were just an illusion



from Lie out Loud, released July 13, 2016
Written by J. Ihejeto. Produced by Jet 2. Recorded and mixed by Jet 2 at the Airport Studios in Los Angeles, CA.



all rights reserved


Jet 2 Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless
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