Lie out Loud

by Jet 2



"I have no fears, I am just fierce." - Lie out Loud

Lie out Loud is a very compelling album detailing the valleys of a broken, deceptive relationship. What is more important, is the healing and overcoming pain. Lie out Loud also features questions towards topics such as police brutality; yet, "Crystalline Stone" poses a message of woman empowerment, while still keeping it fun, "saying we gon' party 'til the new year drops!"

Lie out Loud


released July 13, 2016

All tracks produced by Jet 2 except for Crystalline Stone, which is produced by illRhythmic.



all rights reserved


Jet 2 Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless
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Track Name: Act of Love
[Intro: Poem]
What are we really fighting for
It seems like the more we fought to love
We just ended up fighting more
It all felt real until your true colors
The color of love
Your acts of love

[Verse 1]
Gotta get away, we only got a day
Or else, this love is over forever anyway
I don't know if it really did exist
I just know that I can still feel the pain
Walked for two hours down to Beverly
You had me by the collar, we were pushing in the rain
Promised that it would never happen again
And we also promised we would never leave
I can be a better me, if you can be a better you
Tucson is the place
Let's pack up and move and we would never lose
That's what you said
I guess we'll call LuMo instead of me to tell him
We'll just show up at his door and maybe life will become better

Let's go
To a place I've never been before
You act like you're in love
You act like you love me
During the act of love

[Verse 2]
I hate cheaters, I hate cheaters
I promise you're safe with me
As long as you stay with me
That's what you would say to me
While looking me straight in the eye
Thinking I should've just dated Brittney
You should've just stayed at home
It's not like you waited with me
You should've just went back
It's not like you're staying with me
What's up with all of those things that people would say to me
Say to us
Like we were the cutest couple or something
Your advice you gave to your friends
Let me know it's only a matter of time before you're chasing men
While you told me that I'm your one and only
Forever would be your one and only
I ain't tripping though, it's the act of love
You was tripping and you was acting up
And you tripping for acting like you loved me
You took a trip and I picked your baggage up
I ain't tripping though, it's the act of love
You was tripping and you was acting up
And you tripping for acting like you loved me
You took a trip and I picked your baggage up, what

Track Name: Never Touch a Black Man Radio
Never touch a black man radio
And what I mean by that
Is that I see right past your bullshit trying to play me hoe
Oh. Call me in the middle of the night
When you faded
You only text me
Never touch a black man radio

[Verse 1]
This one is for them police that been shooting them teens
You can’t walk a mile in their shoes
Even smile if you try to, you will not look cute in them jeans
Hip-hop is not the problem, call it what you wanna
I could give a mother fuck, I’m sorry momma
I am legend, I am Jerri Jheto, I am Bob Marley, I am Travon Martin
I am starting from the bottom, hungry alligator
Chew tracks by the numbers, grab your calculator
Do not walk into my swamp
You will get slumped
Even Donald can get trumped
Feeling aggravated, I’m just glad you made it clear
My rise to the top makes you scared
And that is your prominent fear
I have no fears, I am just fierce
The happiest man in the happiest place on earth is serious
Shit, who is Jet 2?
You, except more mysterious
Sentence me to life in bars
My sentences give life, these bars
Break down these sentences
And life pretends that it is challenging
Only atoms can get at him
I’m a pure chemist when I’m cooking these sentences


[Verse 2]
You only text me when you faded
Word to Jamal Cristopher, calls missing from you
Don’t understand it; time to do that was when you had it
But instead, you chose to have fun
And now, it’s my turn I’m ‘bout to gas it
Go and getting high, sounding like you took acid
While I turn my room to a kitchen, cooking classics
Stir it up, little darling, stir it up
That’s what it looks like when you try to mirror us
Open doors, thank God; didn’t knock you up
Gotta watch from the stands, get binoculars
Only Lord knows why I put the rock on ya
With your wandering eye, fix your ocular
With your hands everywhere like an octopus
Got men everywhere because you’re popular
Fake tears dripping down, better stop it up
Almost had a young man come and rob us up
All them days, through the pain; had to bottle up
Always did everything that you wanted bruh
And still through it all, it was not enough
Hell yeah, I’m pissed off; what you calling for
What gimmick do you think that I’m falling for?
Bruh, what?


[Outro: Rush Hour Chris Tucker]
Track Name: Crystalline Stone (feat. illRhythmic)
[Intro: Jet 2]
Let me see your hand right here
If you feelin' good, will you dance right here
Girl, let me see your hand right here
If you feelin' good, will you dance

[Verse 1: Jet 2]
Black dreds, black cat
Straight up out of 7 Jungle with the raps
Stripes on me like a knife straight cut me in the back
Big dog on the field, not a puppy in the pack
She got brown skin, back stacked
Don't be surprised when she ask you where the cash at
Without that, she ain't havin' it
I'm no Romeo, but I'm sort of like a Capulet
Already related, dated, made it all really creative
With the way I made it
Seem she think that all these jiggys jaded
Paved the way for the change of pace
I made it really hard for me to get erased
That's sad
Thought you real fly with your pretty black bag
'Til I chew her, get ghost, then I call her PacMan
Purple rain on my Prince shit
Next to Snoop, I'm the king on this pimp shit
Or the simp shit
Either way I'm so smooth, I capture you interest
Hard on the gram, gettin' glued to your Pinterest
Now I'm the MCM on your pictures
Knew I could hit if I threw the right pitch
Watch her swing as she move it like ooh
All eye candy, dark like Brandy
Liquor like Brandy
Henny in the pantry
Baby, I'mma listen, but just tell me in the backseat

[Chorus: Jet 2]
She got that soul so she know she ain't supposed to go home lonely
She in her zone, she feelin' sexy as her eyes sit lowly
She's movin' slowly as she's smoking, drinking with her homies
Sayin' she gon' party 'til the new year drop
She got that soul so she know she ain't supposed to go home lonely
She in her zone, she feelin' sexy as her eyes sit lowly
She's movin' slowly as she's smoking, drinking with her homies
Sayin' we gon' party 'til the new year drop

Do the walk for me
Come and talk to me
You a marble
Crystalline stone
Don't be shy, girl
Aww, make it wild girl
You a diamond
Crystalline stone

[Verse 2: Jet 2]
I could picture that walking to me
Oh, you flying from Atlanta, you're a falcon to me
I just like the way that you're talkin' when you're talkin' to me
With that accent that you claim you ain't have when I brought it up
What you thought it subtle, it wasn't
Butterscotch thing, got me in a puddle of pudding
But a lot of things on my brain, I'm saying you, dang
Real fine
Got me and everyone else on no chill time
But until time tell.. got my heart all signed sealed
No wonder talkin' more about nothing, I'm Seinfeld
Got the signs sitting all around you, I'm a science field
Name Rose, kissed by a rose, while I'm Seal
But from L.A. to Modesto
You can get an OverDoz. of me, I'm a Desto
Been fresh though since I was beating on the desk to flow
Cypher in the school to the club to the festival
Whatever those things are
They look real good on you
And you like it when you wear 'em, don't you
It make you feel sexy
You a psychic with them earrings on you
Even the mirror on the wall want it
Who the flyest of them all in it
You be walkin' through the mall fitted
Just to get a new fit, you the business

[Chrous: Jet 2]
She got that soul so she know she ain't supposed to go home lonely
She in her zone, she feelin' sexy as her eyes sit lowly
She's movin' slowly as she's smoking, drinking with her homies
Sayin' she gon' party 'til the new year drop
She got that soul so she know she ain't supposed to go home lonely
She in her zone, she feelin' sexy as her eyes sit lowly
She's movin' slowly as she's smoking, drinking with her homies
Sayin' we gon' party 'til the new year drop

Do the walk for me
Come and talk to me
You a marble
Crystalline stone
Don't be shy, girl
Aww, make it wild girl
You a diamond
Crystalline stone

[Outro: illRhythmic]
Crystal you're my crystalline
You're my diamond, ooh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh Crystalline you are so fine
You're on my mind, 'cause you're a dime
You are a dime
I want you all the time
Oooh, woah, ahh, woah
All the riches in the world could not compare
To what you've got right in your underwear
Give me a taste of what you've got
I'll take my spoon and then I'll stir the pot
Track Name: Nobody but You
Why do we fall for love so hard
Just let go and let God tell us if we're wrong
We should never try to fight this feeling all alone

I don't need them to tell me that
I found you, is this love I'm feeling
Tell me that I found you
Just to find your peace in all those things I tell you
I don't want nobody but you

[Verse 1]
My young super woman wonder, what up
Even if we told them the story
They wouldn't understand it
First one who stood up
Last one standing
Body like the ocean, but your skin color like the sand is
Swear you had me frozen the first day that I met ya
Had my fair share, but this one's from a different planet
Had me on granite the day I was granted to get ya
Now united we stand together, nothing standing against us
And what works, you getting better
'Cause you the perfect letter
Poetic as Helen Keller, love's blind with perfect vision
I'm assured that we made the perfect decision
No matter the climate or weather when we're finding forever
I'm like


[Verse 2]
So many moments that I sit and notice
Your love is no where novice
No, you've been the closest
Days in the park where we'd sit and gaze in the dark
Well, I think that set you apart from them
Your love, you always offered it
When those others were off me
Treat me like a King you did
Which is the reason my mind is where your heart beats
Time is never moving whenever you come close to me
My life is like a movie where you'd get the starring part
You'd tell me nothing's impossible
Dream achievement is probable
I'd see a scene in my mental screen of a beauty queen
Your love will heal like a doctor
So rock solid as fossils go
No one can ever replace the look of love on your face, because

Track Name: Nightmares Come True
[Verse 1]
First, let me start by saying I’m amazing
‘Cause I made it from the bottom of the basement, no abrasion
With the patience of a winner, I’ll be ripping through your chains
Make change for a nigga, take a nigga out the bang
Make a vein for a nigga, I’ll be dripping out the pain
Think I might’ve gone insane
But they like “that Jet’s gorgeous”
Dealing with a poor case that I didn’t start
‘Cause my ex too slick, trying to ride two sticks
Now I’m stuck in court
Bitch better have my money like Rihanna
‘Cause I promise I’ll be coming for the drama
Ain’t a threat, no this a promise
I want every single comma, I’m a scholar
Went to school for pharmacy, I could’ve been doctor
But instead, I’m a rasta, dreadlocks
A stand up guy, boy you better fix your posture
Toss you in the pasta, trying to act cool
When you couldn’t win an Oscar

I’m dreaming for a trillion
But I know that nightmares come true too
So you know what I’mma do to you
For the loot
I’m dreaming for a trillion

[Verse 2]
Martin Luther, Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandela
Thinking peace, power, respect, dignity forever
Feeling like the Bob Marley of our generation
I’m a legend forever or for whatever duration
It’s a celebration when I’m on the mic
Like RockstarTuNE when he on the bike
Bet I’m on a roll when I handle bars
Don’t make me have to open up a can on y’all
I mean, if it’s a Grammy, double whammy
From the Jungles all the way to the Inglewood Family
Crips and the Essés
All the uglies and the baddies call me baby like they had me
Trying to heal me with the green, Piccolo and Dendé
I ain’t talk Louisiana when I throw up L.A.
Feeling like I own a medley
Feeling like I own a med-shop
I don’t even smoke that tree
I don’t even smoke that whew
But my homies tell you where the dope at
Get it off the block in the cul-de-sac
Buy a dime bag, get a quarter-back
But I ain’t promoting that
I’m just trying to live good, show you I’m a beast too
I’m just trying to rip the beat, and I made the beat too
Hi, the name is Jet 2 and it’s nice to meet you
If you on the bull, I can see it ‘cause you’re see through
If it’s like groceries, I ain’t gon’ eat you
Even if you’re Jhené Aiko
Girl, that’s a treat, make it seem like I need to
Matter of fact, instead, I’mma feed you


[Verse 3]
Whatever number you’re on
This is never what you want
Get ‘em and double the code
Sentences covered in gold
All you gotta do is tell me go, and then I’mma G-O
Yeah, sort of like De Janeiro, I’m Rio
Word to the brothers checking with their P.O.
I be making music you can feel
Give it all for free though
Till it lays chips like Fritos
So sick of love songs feeling like Ne-Yo
Dressed in my John Lennon, looking like the Beetles
Game make her say Aye like Davido
Girl, that is not yo’ cheese, that Dorito
Me, Pac before the shots, Queen Latifa
Or Vivica, I set it off
They give me heat, I sweat it off
No sweat at all, I just jet off
Bet I’mma make it if I bet y’all
I drive slow
Success at the door with a Corvette though
I like those
Success, Grammy award winner in every post
Rip every track, I’m Marion Jones
I never relax, I’d rather be on
I’d rather be gone
And y’all don’t even be noticing the way I be flowing
I’m on it

Track Name: LOL (Lie out Loud)
Yeah, uh huh, uh huh
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Bih, bih, bih

All you do is lie out loud
Then send a text to next
With address for the sex
Does it make you proud?
All you do is lie out loud, LOL
Lie out loud, LOL
Lie out loud, LOL
Tell me who gets the last laugh now

[Verse 1]
So tell me something, girl what's your age
What about your hair type, is it all yours?
'Cause you know if it's a weave, I'mma fall for it
Do you cook, do you clean, is you faithful?
What about your dinner, is your plate full?
What about your baggage is it handful?
Are you just simply too much to handle?
If I'm living with you would you even give me a minute to rest
Do you drink, do you smoke is you addicted to sex
Were you planning on hitting men and then you figured I'm next
And if so, then you can tell me, baby get off the jet
Were you looking for a check and then you figured I'm that
Oh you say you're bigger than that, well how much of it's fact
Well you say everything is this, well how much of it's that
If you tell me that something's white, then I'm looking for black
Oh your momma died, you told me your momma died
Last time I checked, she was still alive
Who lies on they momma?
Someone that be looking for the drama
Karma coming for ya
Took me out to Tucson where I hit the cell with no shoes on
Had to walk for hours while you gone, LOL


[Verse 2]
Tell me that you're ready for this wedding ring, I doubt it
Vera Wang been doing her thang
I can drop the check, but she'll still be good without it
I am the bad guy, oh yes, I am the bad guy
Oh yes, I am the mad guy
You had money guy, you demoted to bummy guy
Stunt on you both, I'm that guy
You been mad lying
Your name is real
You catfish me with your lifeline
You can't miss me in them bright lights
You can give him head while I'll be headlining
Your thought process is a genius
Your method of action ain't quite right
Your attitude is so devious
While you're thinking everyone is oblivious
Your friends and family saying "fuck him"
Don't let them lie out loud to you
Every body that's smiling at you
Ain't really smiling with you
Giving that hot pan-a-thing-thong
All around the town, is you?
Everyone got it on their ring tone
Everyone singing yo' theme song
Thinking all the times it crossed my mind
That you were probably lying every time you talk
Instinct told me, thought I was thinking only
Probably should've trusted my thought
These thoughts of mine
These thoughts of mine
Be talking, I don't even know why they divine
It's hard to define this positive mindset
And lyrical content
The day that you got dressed, I knew it was over
I didn't even care though
'Cause half your life was a lie
I found out when I got closer
Lying out loud
That's what you do for fun, that's what you do for fun
Lying out loud
That's what you do for fun, that's what you do for fun

Track Name: Lucid Dreaming
Living that fast life
Last time
Your advice was to act like
I'm on the grind
During my R.E.M.
That's life
Living that math life
Add right
Better act right, you don't believe I'm a dynamite
I'm trying to shine with some of my artsy friends
(This is my last call for help)
That's life

[Verse 1]
That far couldn't be that far
If you're ready to fix that fault
In the middle of a seat that's false
If you're sitting in a seat that's false
Gotta mix that with a little beauty for the beast
That's false. A little bigger couldn't be that bold
Take a dip in the water, is that cold
Push the reset
Take a key when it means that door wouldn't be unlocked for me at all
I got a key set of keys
And it means that I'll probably bring with me a piano
Got a fence that'll fit if you're looking for a picketing fence
And it's size is commensurate I can live as if
Y'all convinced me that I predicted that far
So if I can see into the future
That far wouldn't be that far
And if I would've did that
Last call, time to land, let me know if you get that
Just hit me in the morning when that trip is over, get back back back


[Verse 2]
Just imagine all the madness
You wake up and it's like magic
You find yourself stuck in space and you're just hoping you don't fall
Stuck out in the open and there's no one you can call
No one you can call, no one you can
Knowing you can't throw in the towel
It's too late for that, you're stuck in it now
I know the feeling
Ooh, no I don't know why life seems to get the best of me
This is my last call for help

Track Name: Mask of Emotions (Disguises)
[Chorus 1]
They say nothing last forever
Especially me and you
I thought we were in it forever
But no, no not you
'Cause you lied to me about your love
About your love
You lied to me about your life
About your life
It's just a mask of emotion

[Verse 1]
From the moment you say that you love me
Your tears cried, for years I read right through your disguise
I can't lie and say that it don't hurt
We supposed to been split up, but we fought to make it work
I should've been getting at women
I toured with Akon
You were probably getting at men at the same time
While your homie asked you for sex between you and her husband
Knowing that you're involved in relationship
I find it hard just to paint the pic
How you all of a sudden can just change a bit
Guess the mask of emotions got a range of
Different type of things you can fake when you make it fit
Big and bad, oh you are, yeah you knew what you were doing
Take a different mask when you make it slip
Past your intention like "he ain't gon' trip"
What's dark comes to light, you can bank on it

[Chorus 2]
They say nothing last forever
Especially you and me
I knew we weren't in it forever, no
With all that pain, how could we be
We lied, it was all a disguise, disguise
We tried beneath all of those lies
Those lies
It's just a mask of emotion
Track Name: Illusion
Called it love, thought it was
Started off happy like all the time
Ended up no where, no where, no where

[Verse 1]
Pack a bag, only one
Hurry up, we on the run
Romeo and Juliet, that's the story of our love
Never thought that I would hit
'Til it switched and I swung
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings and she sung
Songs that'll make a song cry
Right when you look and realize that you are alright
And thank God for LuMo and V.C., and TC
For saving me when I was homeless out in TC

Just an illusion
So you know I don't care what you do or say
Just an illusion, but guess what I forgive you

[Verse 2]
I've been fighting all this time and
I didn't know
You've been hiding everything that you do
It's okay, alright, I'mma get out the system
Get this shit out my system, oh


[Verse 3]
ILLucson, illusion
This love was like a mirage in the desert of Tucson
Conclusion, to clear the air for confusion
I turned this hallucination to my solution
We even had to spend nights by the poolside
Freezing to death, it almost felt like a suicide
Wanting to tap out, but did not put you aside
Even attended Tucson College for you and I
And almost got robbed on Crenshaw and 54th
With a guy that was holding his piece
I told you the place to make debates was not all in these streets
Thank God he decided to walk away with all of his peeps
And I was thinking to myself what I would do
I had about a G in my pocket too
And I was not gonna give it up
Not when the rent is due
Not when it's me and you and I'm taking care of you


[Verse 4]
All the sacrifices, I let you drive with no license
Gave you the keys to the whip and figured out you was lying
Felt so responsible when you told me you got pulled over
It's like you devised a plan just to attack all of my vices
Knowingly things change when you got personal devices
Seems like the good times got shadowed over by the fighting
Feels like you were looking for something that I wasn't providing
But after reflecting, I decided you were just an illusion