Rhythm And Poetry

by Jet 2

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After a very deceptive relationship and bad break up, the album I have been holding for a year... Rhythm And Poetry is a showcase of the good times, not the bad times. There are two bonus tracks dedicated to a previous crush I had before my relationship. After spending a night in one of the scariest places you could imagine, I offer you all...Rhythm And Poetry.


released 21 May 2015

Production credits: Nick Banga, Jet 2, Jinbo, Cashmere Cat, and Sophia Bailey.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Jet 2 Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles, CA, a young wordsmith seeks to find himself as he takes joy in enlightening others through the course of his journey. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2.

The Hip-Hop kid with a crush.

"Destiny is no accident" - Wrekless
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Track Name: For a Reason
I hate I think about you everywhere I go
And it shows that the heart is there
But things ain't what they seem
I know life ain't fair
We go through these things for a reason (repeat 2x)

[Verse 1]
And I'm just fighting through the pain of dreaming
It's been taking a while, but I still smile cause I believe that
We all have ups and downs that we go through and I can see that
The struggle makes you better, that's where you insert me at
Still got a bunch of emotions I seem to never show
Getting better by the second thinking will I ever grow
As an artist or even person or ever both
Tears falling down my cheek that I'll never know
Reasons why I never seem to escape my own demons
On a quest searching for peace wondering what's the meaning
Searching for answers I never seem to find
I guess the pain... just must be me then
Sitting to myself thinking
Could I heal the world with a song that I made on one sweet evening
I know that you can change your views but never change the fact
And I guess I'll find my answers when I play it back


[Verse 2]
Days digging deeper trying to be one with my words
So I can have something for the world to see
I'm feeling like a gemstone floating in the sea
Polished, but musical politics got me caught up inside the pollen
So to my dreams, I'm feeling microscopic
But every moment's a deposit
I take a little piece of my heart and drop it
In the music for the moments I wake up like this is not it
And this ain't cuttin' it, I need another option
So from all the fun days to the giving up phases
Conceptually everything is lyrical fund-raising
So from the rays in the sun, I can tell I'm the sun's raisin
You can ask Langston, I'mma make it through this poetic maze
I appraise of myself, evaluating my thoughts
And if they help the listener, I know that I am not lost
And if I'm still hurting, then I know that I am not done
If I put my all and go unnoticed, I know that I just won


Watch as the story unfolds
Know you've been through a lot, will you reach all of your goals?
Truth is, your destiny is all in your control
And now one but you can define what's inside of your soul (repeat 3x)

Track Name: Eye Candy
I don't know if I am hurting or helping
I don't know if I am
Girl in your lonely eyes
I see myself inside
Sometimes I want to cry
You make me so alive (repeat 2x)

[Verse 1]
Sitting back thinking that we were both done with all that bad sh
Remember days I would say I would never change, but I lost balance
Never seen anything coming 'cause we were both living that boss's life
'Til the day that I changed everything and you're still down to be my wife
But I never meant to do that to
I never meant to do that to you girl
I never meant to to do that to, you but

I've never seen love like this, never felt it
Last time I looked in your heart it was melting
I don't know if I am hurting or helping
I don't know if I am

'Cause in your lonely eyes
I see myself inside
Sometimes I want to cry
You make me so alive

[Verse 2]
You love me, I love you, you love me a lot
You stick 'round when I mess up, take clothes off then dress up
You make girls get jealous and that makes you hot
You treat me like King even when I treat you not
But you know you're my queen even when times I could be mean
I mean last time I was in love, I just got turned down and dropped
Started from the bottom, I'll let you get on top
You'll get that diamond, girl I'll be yo' rock
Taio a luke lu pele, can I touch?
Mala conducta so much, girl let's just
Hop on this plane, and I'll fly you away
Vocé pode se mue para sempre
Promise I'll do you better
So no one can do you better
You are the perfect letter, me and you double you forever
I let you fly free just so you can move your feathers
And you're the perfect letter down to the letter to forever
L.A. chick now, came from SD
Closer to Chula Vista, Brazilian sexy
The minute you met me I was floating on a sound cloud
Cloud nine, let me change your pet peeve
The way you make it wave, I could sail on a jet ski
And to them other dudes, I'll probably turn into Jet Li
You had me on a cloud from the day that you met me
So I'mma love you harder since you simply let me

Sweet and sour, tongue twisting, taste bud clenching
Smile provoking, heavy breathing diaphragm bending
Mouth rinsing, you already know you're about to win it
When the first inning you're already feeling thirst quenching
See half of y'all don't understand me
My plan B is a Grammy
My plan A is to plan a trip to South Beach Miami
Shout out to Kendrick
With my dear, and her peers all look like Bambi
And my tie outfits quite dandy
So her eyeballs look like candy
I'm eye-candy...
Am I candy to your senses
I might land you with your dentist
Track Name: Mission Impossible
Yo, yo
One two, one two
I just want you to

I got a lot of crazy things that been weighing on my brain
So I speak into the air just so I can ease the pain
'Cause I done seen some things, I done seen myself change
I guess it's just a chapter, I just flip another page
They say that I'm the master of my own fate
I'm standing in front of the Def Jam building feeling like I'm 'bout to break
'Cause these smiles get hard to make
When your all is what you give
And regardless what you feel, your all ain't what you feel
But it gets harder to deal with these emotions I conceal
When even notions of success will leave me motionless and still
I turn the cold shoulder to the closest that's around me
Sometimes I feel like Earth will be a better place without me
Sometimes I feel like I'm the Lord's prayer
I'm God's son, tell me who could shine in a mind like mine
Sometimes I'm staring out the window from behind the blinds
They say the universe is divine if you find the signs
I put it down to a science, I'm just searching inside
Until I could find a negative circumstance and circumcise it
My circle of friends provided gave me bravado I needed
YOLO ain't the motto, I been here before; I believe it
I need a million fans, but even more I need Jesus
I promised Mya I would fly her out and I did achieve it
Just praying for a blessing knowing I will receive it
She told me you could save the world if only you can see it
So be it. I don't need an album
How come I didn't top the charts, so you could get it for free then
Shout out to those who bought knowing that's what I needed
Seeing all the time and effort I put to its completion
The internet's the new industry and
The blog sites are the mainstream record label
If it wasn't for SoundCloud, I probably wouldn't be dreaming
So this is going straight to your ear from me then
With no release date like "Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor"
I'm just trying to film all of these moments like Pixar
I'm just trying to fill all of these moments like an application
For a job, I ain't talkin' 'bout an S4
In God's great galaxy
The blessing for an expression is just a masterpiece
I find a message I will invest in and let him answer me
Every time I test him, it never fails so I know it has to be
That destiny is no accident
If you need evidence then just ask him and he will answer it
And if you look inside, you'll see right where he resides
When I look at my right hand, I see that I'm right besides
When I follow my heart, I no longer flee from the false
Evidence appearing real, this is what I realize
If I heal a heart, forever I'd be alive
Humility for eternity is my real life